Know Us Better


Our Purpose

The goal at Lydia Patterson Institute, LPI, is to develop well rounded students who are prepared to be successful in higher education and the workforce. Our mission statement states, “Lydia Patterson Institute is committed to providing an environment in which Christian faith, values, and knowledge converge to give students a cross-cultural, academic, and state-of-the-art education, by creating opportunities to develop skills to succeed and transform a changing world.”

Strong Academic Program

This is important because it will determine a student’s future career allowing him/her to enter competitive fields and develop intellect that will help in all areas of life.

Safe Learning Environment

It is important that students, faculty, staff, parents, and the community feel socially, physically and emotionally secure on campus. Students need to feel safe and supported. When they do, there is a better chance of successful learning.

Positive Climate

It is important that everyone feels respected and looks forward to working, learning and being at our school.

Our Principles

We focus on ensuring that the school’s faculty and staff genuinely care for each student and maintain an “open door” policy for them and their parents. Administration works to provide a positive working environment so that teachers enjoy their work day and their profession. It is important that every teacher on this campus understands the students’ backgrounds and works not only to develop academic strength within each child but also a strong building of character.
Lydia Patterson Institute is committed to educate students in a comprehensive manner, through the acquisition and development of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that enable them to be young people committed to their surroundings and promoters of academic development. We intend to deploy young students through the exercise of values with academic preparation and the ability to achieve its commitment to social responsibility and the entry to higher education institutions.