Welcome to the LPI Alumni Community!

One of the great things about LPI is that, while you may leave and embark on your further studies, careers,  and all the other journeys of a long, interesting life, LPI never leaves you. You are – and always will be – a LPI Lion. And as such, you have a place with the LPI Alumni.

First, the good news: You don’t need to join. You’re already in! The association is for all LPI alumni, and we work with all alumni to create ways for you to connect with your classmates and all who came before you – and those who will come after.    

Here are just a few of the ways you can stay connected and engaged with LPI and the LPI community.

Volunteer and contribute:

• Connect with your LPI groups to get together and network with alumni locally.

• Be a volunteer with your LPI class at LPI.

• Participate in or organize a LPI Day of Service at LPI.

• Contribute your time and energy to LPI needs, such as: 

• Volunteer to fundraiser for your school to provide scholarships, gear, resources and support for generations of students to come.

• Mentor current students through college and career coaching by registering through the LPI Career Network.

Interviewing and Mentoring

• Follow Lydia Patterson Institute on Facebook

• Attend a Student Fun event to keep the fun going or host an LPI event.

• LPI alumni: You can plan a class event.


So if you are a graduate of LPI, remember, we’re here whenever and however you need us. We’re so happy to have you as part of our LPI alumni family!